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At Eagle Ridge Buildings, we specialize in enhancing your outdoor storage solutions with a wide range of customizable add-ons. Our focus is on providing versatile and practical enhancements for your storage sheds, including ramps, storage components, fans, and more, tailored to suit your specific needs. Our experienced team is dedicated to guiding you through selecting and installing these add-ons, ensuring your storage shed is not just a space, but a smart, efficient, and user-friendly extension of your home or workspace. Trust us to transform your storage shed into a highly functional and personalized outdoor asset. has created an excellent solution to add a simple ramp to your shed or garage.  Pick your size and number of planks and they will be shipped directly to your location.  Follow the simple instructions and start enjoying your ramp.

Be sure to use coupon code 339 to apply a 10% discount when ordering.

The Zula System is a combination of a Solar panel and a 3 powerful fan box. It is designed with 2 fans blowing air into the room and 1 fan facing outside to blow the old air out of the room / Building. The Zula system provides up to 630CFM per system. The minimum recommendation is to have 1 unit per 350SQFT room and have 2 units for a 2-car garage space. The more units added in the room will improve the air movement in the room/ building based on the use of the room.

Be sure to use coupon code ERB10 for 10% off.

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These stud-mounted shelf brackets are strong, and simple to install along with looking great! This are one of the best selling products and one of our favorite organizational products.  Made from furniture-grade ply on a CNC router table, all products come complete with Fasteners and Drive bit to help with simple installation.

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