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The Breezeway

Main Floor 1308 Sq Ft | Covered Porches Sq Ft 330 |Total Sq Ft 1638

The Breezeway is a favorite choice of our most popular plans.  As a result, we offer it in 2 versions including this larger model.  Ranging from roughly 1200 to 1300 square feet, it provides all of the options seen in the smaller version in a more spacious layout.

The plan enables homeowners to have the outdoors integrated into their living experience.  That is accomplished by the covered corridor that connects the 2 sides.  [Note: Show the corridor reference on-screen and note that the Breezeway small is being used as a visual.] By using the sliding doors at either end of the walkway, you can open the space to the exterior in the warm months or close it in to enjoy as a heated space with a view in the winter.

While that feature is impressive, the Breezeway Large offers more by having the option to expand the walkway and lengthen the adjacent buildings to add more space and more rooms to fit your needs and meet your local minimum size requirements.  With so much space and versatility, this plan is suitable for families and rentals where groups of people can get together for fun but still have their own quarters.

As one of our few modular plans, we can pre-build your unit, ship the components to your site on a truck, and have you in your tiny dwelling quickly.

What is a Basic Plan?

The basic plan includes a single of the 2D plans with dimensions as well as 3D renderings. This package

is suitable for building the stock design with an experienced contractor.

What is a Construction Plan?

The Construction Plan includes everything in the Basic Plan. It also includes more detailed dimensions,

elevations to better show the design components of the house and structural components such as the

trusses and individual beams. This package provides more ease of construction and the flexibility to

customizing the plan.

What is Take-Off?

The Takeoff is an additional sheet that simplifies cost estimating the home buyer. It lists finishes such as

flooring, tiling, and fixtures. By using this information, the customers can adjust fixture selections to fit

their budget.

Plan Details:

Total Square Footage: 1638

Heated Square Footage: 1308

Square Footage of Porches or Decks: 330

Bedrooms: 3

Bathrooms: 2

Basic Floor Plans


Construction Plans



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