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Senior Pod

Tiny Homes Ellijay, Ga

The Best Parts of Daily Life That Make a Community Into a Whole.


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We are excited to share with you our new Senior Pods program, an opportunity for older adults to enjoy their later years while simultaneously investing their money for future generations. The Senior Pods were born out of the understanding that the high cost of assisted living and retirement homes limit the options for many people. In addition, the choices available may not work for older active people who are mobile and still capable of making their own decisions. The new community plan provides a comprehensive solution that addresses the home, the costs and most importantly, the families.


Senior Pods consist of a maximum of 12 tiny houses gathered in a single community, enabling like-minded people to live in the same area and share activities. Knowing that there is a need for people to be able to share responsibilities and grow old together, Eagle Ridge built on its core products and knowledge of land planning. Owner Paul Malham explained, "We build a range of tiny houses on foundations, which are up to code. Our price point means that the residents can purchase the home and land for a fraction of the cost of traditional senior options. That investment means that relatives of the homeowners will receive a benefit from the increase in the value of the unit."



With more than a dozen flexible plans available, each neighbor can choose and customize their house to ensure it is uniquely their own. Eagle Ridge also provides consultation on the land planning and advice on accessing utilities to provide a turnkey process. The result is a unified community that will provide the owners with a comfortable living environment for years to come.



The company can assist people near their location or across the country. Having such an innovative and well developed plan, the Senior Pods have already started to attract attention from both individuals and investors. With people living longer, Eagle Ridge is focused on developing these communities to meet this growing need.


The Homes

Here are a few examples of the homes that can be built in a Senior Pod, to view all of our homes please click here


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