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Enjoy Your Patio Year-Round With Eagle Ridge Buildings Fire Pits


Wondering how a portable fire pit might benefit your backyard? Do you crave the feeling of wood-warmed hands on a chilly, snowy evening? Or long to hear the crackle of the fire mixed with the sounds of late-night conversations? Do you find yourself lamenting needing to retreat indoors as the cold weather hits? Do you dream of the outdoors and live for a weekend escape?


What if I told you that you could bring the peaceful, quiet ambiance of the outdoors to your backyard year-round, successfully turning your yard into the retreat you so desperately need!


The crisp fall nights have turned into chilly, snowflake-filled evenings. While the weather outside can be a little frightful, the fire truly is delightful! A fire pit provides warmth and effectively turns your backyard space into a year-round hangout area. So grab a few cozy blankets, your favorite pair of mittens, and a piping cup of cocoa, and enjoy your space!

Eliminating stormwater runoff which carries non-point source pollution into our rivers, lakes, and streams.


Not only do fire pits provide that deep, chill chasing warmth, but they also provide an inviting visual warmth to your backyard space. Fire pits are a social hot spot, bringing people together and creating a sense of closeness around its flame.

Don't let the cool weather stop you from enjoying the outside with the people that you love the most.  Contact us today to find out more information about these amazing Fire Pits from Eagle Ridge.


Time is a scarce commodity in our current society, and it can be challenging to simply be with the people you love in a world teeming with technology, productivity, packed-full schedules, and never-ending to-do lists.


However, a fire pit can add a place to unplug and unwind and reconnect with the people you love most in this world.

Are you ready to reconnect with the outdoors?


A comforting, warming fire seems to be at the heart of the word "home." A fire pit provides a variety of ambiance for any and every occasion. Blasting some tunes and dancing with friends? Why not add a beautiful source of light to keep the party raging? Enjoying a quiet evening of deep conversation, why not add the charming crackle of a fire-burning flame to the conversation?


Why not inspire cuddling and conversation around a warm fire when trying to win over your crush, spouse, partner, boyfriend, or girlfriend?


Fire pits can be terrific sources for trying new, fantastic, flavor-packed appetizers, dinners, breakfasts, snacks, and desserts! Additionally, there's something incredibly satisfying about cooking your meal over an open flame.


Check out some of our fantastic recipes for ideas on all the delicious and diverse things you could cook over your fire pit! S'mores and hot dogs are just the tip of the food iceberg, my friend. Impress your friends, date, family with your fire pit culinary skills!


It's hard to fully relax in a world where work, social obligations, and to-do lists are just a few touches away. As the sun sets on your day, picture quieting your mind watching the peaceful, mindless dancing of a fire's flame. 


A study conducted by anthropologist, Christopher Lynn, discovered that sitting around a fire promotes relaxation, socialization, and lower blood pressure.

Are you ready to relax? Contact us today!

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