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Part 1| The Perfect Tiny Homes | Enviro Builders | Sip Panels

Eagle Ridge Buildings, the developer of fine tiny homes, has built its business on being an innovator in the market. Those efforts have resulted in strategies for rental units, senior living, tiny communities and many other solutions. All of those led owner Paul Malham to understand that there is a greater opportunity for his structures. "Talking to customers who visit us at our lot and the ones across the country who call us on the phone led me to understand the bigger picture," he said. "There's not just a need for houses, but specifically a need for homes...places that can help the homeless, our veterans and a range of other displaced people. I really believe we can tackle that situation.“

In order to be a solution, the structure will need to, be strong, fashionable, easy to assemble and sustainable - all while remaining cost effective. That is a tall task which requires a team, so Mr. Malham set out to find them. His research at home shows and mining his contacts throughout Georgia paid off. He didn't just find suppliers, but instead gained strategic partners who were ready to contribute. Each company is a leader in their field, but interestingly enough there was a common thread running through the discussions with each of them: building materials, solar power, interior and exterior finishes can only do so much individually; but together their contributions and efforts can create the synergy needed to develop a new type of home.

Many people think tiny houses are limiting. In reality, their small footprints and multifunctional components makes them very versatile. Mr. Malham shared his vision to build a model that capitalizes on that opportunity and each company not only agreed to participate, but also donate their time and materials to make this concept into a reality.

This series will share the process and give the details of how each company helps facilitate making a better house. The goal is to create a unit that can be delivered by truck to a site, assembled with relatively minimal labor and quickly make an impact on people's lives.

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One of the first companies to join the team was EnviroBuilders. That's appropriate since they will literally work on the project from the ground up. Once Eagle Ridge designs the layout, EnviroBuilders will match their Structural Insulated Panels (SIP) to the project. Each piece of their system literally snaps together, minimizing labor costs. Since the panels can be used for walls, floors and roofs, their system not only simplifies the process, but also eliminates the need for additional insulation. The product’s versatility is only the beginning of what it offers. Smart Steel is wind resistant, fire retardant and does not absorb water. The cost effective panels use only recyclable, non-toxic materials. All of those benefits are packed in a product manufactured here in the USA.

Mr. Malham identified a foundation to build upon when he selected EnviroBuilders. With a solid start, the other steps have a framework for their roles established. As the journey to deliver the future of housing continues, those pieces will begin to fit into place.

Stay tuned for Part 2!

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