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Preparing For High Winds And Storms

We are at the peak of Hurricane Season and right in the middle of another storm here on the East Cost. Here are some tips for preparing your wood and metal storage buildings as well as your homes for potential high winds.

1. Pick up around your yard

Your backyard belongings can become flying weapons that can do significant damage to your home in high wind conditions — something you obviously want to avoid at all costs.

If you're notified of a "wind advisory," — a warning that the area is expected to experience sustained winds of 31 to 39 mph for at least one hour or more— be sure to pick up loose outdoor belongings like lawn furniture, garden tools, grills, sports equipment, bicycles, fallen tree branches, and anything else that may present a hazard if it's picked up by high winds.

Store your belongings in a safe place like your garage or a storage shed. And be sure to check your front yard for any potential hazards, too. If you have a pool, check the user manual to see if the pool pump should be turned on or off during severe weather. You may want to consider laying a tarp over your pool to avoid tedious debris cleanup after high winds.

2. Reinforce windows, doors, and even your garage door

Home safety features like storm shutters not only reinforce your windows and keep your home and its contents safer, but they can also help you earn homeowners insurance discounts.

If particularly strong winds are expected, you may want to nail some plywood over your home's windows and doors. And for your garage door, which can be especially vulnerable during high winds, you can pick up a reinforcement kit from your local hardware store.

3. Take a look at your home owners coverage.

Before storm season hits, take a look at your homeowners coverages and limits to ensure they're sufficient enough to fully protect you in the event of catastrophe both inside and outside your home. Your insurer can help walk you through your policy and answer any questions you have.

4. Check your storage buildings.

Check all of your storage buildings, ensure that all items are secured. Check all doors and windows, make sure your weather stripping is good, windows are protected and doors are locked and secure. If you have a metal storage building, be sure to check and make sure that it is properly secured to the ground.

5. Have a Plan

The most importent thing is to have a plan for your family. Ensure that you have food, water, flashlights, battiers and then build and emergancy kit for your family. Keep a weather radio and be sure to listen to state and federal emergancy managemnt. This list is in no way a replacement for listing to state and federal management and wather officails. Please take all warning serious and listing to directions for from state and federal officals. If there is anything at all that people here at Eagle Ridge Buildings can do please let us know. We sell metal buildings that offer Wind Certifications and can protect your buildings for winds over 100MPH.

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