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ERB Rapid Response | Covid-19

227 Highland Crossing South | East Ellijay, Georgia 30540 | 706-686-4084 |

The Coronavirus has elevated the need for awareness, testing and treatment globally. That has taxed the available resources, including facilities for health services. Eagle Ridge Building is prepared to quickly provide a solution to meet the immediate needs.


Eagle Ridge Buildings has been providing outdoor buildings to a range of clients since 2014. Through his work in local and international business, owner Paul Malham has amassed experience in creating strategies to solve emerging challenges. Based on the information that is available and his background, he has developed the Rapid Response Centers.


Eagle Ridge is a part of a network of building dealers that includes 1500 locations across the US. Each of those sites have prefabricated buildings onsite and ready to deliver. The units can be assembled and connected to create facilities for Coronavirus testing, equipment storage and support services. Sample layouts have already been designed. (See the attachments.) Once at the desired location, the centers will be setup by experienced professionals and ready to use within a day.


The prefabricated buildings are more reliable than tents and will provide dried in working environments. Power can be supplied by extension cords to provide lighting and run equipment. Beyond simply acting as shelter, the centers will enable drive-through service. That arrangement will help to direct traffic flow and optional signage can help indicate the purpose of each building.

Easily setup in parking lots or other open areas, the centers can be used to establish all new facilities or expand existing locations. The durability means that they can not only provide long term service in one location; but also, in many cases, be moved and even repurposed.

Eagle Ridge Buildings is prepared now to deliver and implement the outlined solution. We can also discuss any additional ideas to coordinate with your overall strategy. You can contact Paul Malham directly at 706-273-0010.

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