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Reimagining How the Home is Built

Eagle Ridge Buildings is a pioneer in the portable wood and metal industry in North Georgia. We have a wide range of building styles and sizes to satisfy even the most demanding requirements. Tiny Homes, gazebos, garages, storage sheds, steel barns, greenhouses, commercial buildings, playsets, and more are all included in our product line. We partner with industry professionals to provide services such as site preparation, concrete slabs, plumbing, grading, decks, foundations, pole barns, electrical, septic, and the construction of our Tiny Homes to complement our outdoor services.

Completion of a building with Eagle Ridge Smart Steel Buildings can be done three times faster than traditional methods, even in locations that are unstable, coastal, hilly, or highly windy. Eagle Ridge Smart Steel Buildings are 100% customizable, aesthetic, robust, and green buildings with inbuilt stability, making them ideal for low-rise low-span structures. Ellijay is the perfect place to build your home, with lots that allow for land, lake, and river access, you have the opportunity to build your dream Tiny Home retreat right here in the North Georgia mountains.

Smart Steel Buildings

Eagle Ridge's smart steel series is a revolutionary solution that enables people to quickly adapt to a tiny lifestyle. It also enables them to take advantage of its unique design. A structured insulation panel is the first step in constructing a smart steel building. The unit used by Eagle Ridge is made up of an insulation core sandwiched between two 22-gauge steel sheets. The resulting panel is an interlocked component that can be used to construct internal and exterior walls, floors, roofs, and other building areas. Each unit has several favorable features, including high energy efficiency, non-combustibility, and wind resistance up to 300 miles per hour.

Why choose a smart steel construction?

The use of smart steel results in a building that is durable, effective in shielding against natural forces, and lowers utility bills. A smart steel house is simple to put together, whether it is on a slab or in a crawl space. The main components are prefabricated at Eagle Ridge's facility and then shipped to the desired location, where they can be connected by aligning the panels and steel channels and screwing them together (To know more about Prefabricated Buildings, click here). Clients can also employ an independent supervisor to oversee the assembly process and answer any queries. Clients can also choose from a variety of doors and windows as part of the optional packages. The addition of a low-cost solar energy source adds another benefit, which includes not only specifying panels but also designing mounts and ensuring that the installation complies with both local and state laws.

Smart Steel Buildings can be completed much quicker than a typically constructed home, and service providers such as electricians, plumbers, and flooring installers can begin working right away. Every eagle ridge plan is available as a smart steel kit, giving you the same great layouts, reliability, and style as traditional built designs. These structures are resistant to adverse weather conditions, earthquakes, moisture, termites, and fire, in addition to providing great design flexibility. These Tiny Homes, which range in size from 500 to 1000 square feet, are ideal for any size family.

The Thomas

The Thomas is one of our most famous models due to its architecture. It is ideal for singles, young couples, or retirees, with a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, dining room, and living room. The single floor plan also includes a porch and plenty of storage and closet space.

The Appalachian

The Appalachian is a flexible plan designed to be a spacious tiny solution. The dining room, kitchen, toilet, and bedroom are all included, but more buildings can be added to the left and right for additional purposes.

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