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Lets Buy a Shed

So, with the help of our sales consultant you have picked out the perfect building to fit your need. What happens next in the purchase process? Keep reading and find out how the process works. Your sales consultant will fill out a Work Order which contains a basic description of your

building, the dollar amount of the sale, down payment amount and amount due on delivery. In

addition this form will contain the information the driver needs to contact you to deliver your

building. You will be asked to sign this form to confirm the sale.

If your purchase is a custom order you will also sign a shed design form that will show the

placement of your doors and windows and any extra options you have ordered. The sales

consultant will have you review this information and sign the sheet confirming that the information

is accurate so your building is built to your specifications. If you have chosen the rent to own option there will be an additional rental contract you will need to sign. You will be asked for a copy of your drivers license and the name and address of two contacts. Our rent to own option does not require or perform a credit check. The down payment on a rent to own contract is simple – it is only 1 months rent.

Next the delivery process and instructions will be discussed. The first question most people ask

when purchasing a building is how long will it take for me to get my building????? The amount of

time it will take for you to receive your building will depend on whether you purchased a building from the lot or if you are having one custom build. If you purchased a building from the lot it generally takes 5 to 10 business days for delivery....except in the case of rain. Rain not only

affects delivery because a building can't be delivered the day it rains but if it rains hard enough or long enough buildings might not be able to be delivered the next dry day because the ground is too wet. We sure love rain for the garden but nobody wants rain when they are anxious to receive a new building!

If you are having your building custom built then it generally takes 4 – 6 weeks for delivery

....except in the case of rain – one or two rainy days during the 4 – 6 weeks probably won't affect

the timing but more than that can cause a delay. Also, the degree of customization sometimes,

although not generally, can affect the amount of time it takes to finish your building.

The driver will call the day before delivery to find out if everything is ready for delivery and to

arrange the approximate time they will arrive. If the ground the truck must travel to make the

delivery is too wet you will need to inform the driver that the building cannot be delivered and

make arrangements to have the building delivered once the ground is dry.

Other items to consider around the delivery and setup of your building:

◦ It is important the chosen spot for the building be accessible to the truck and trailer. The good

news is our drivers have special trailers and equipment that can account for some of the

challenges caused by our hilly terrain but when in doubt discuss your concerns with your sales

consultant. for an additional fee we also offer a build on site option for times when the

location is just not accessible via truck.

◦ You will need to purchase cap blocks for the driver to use to level the building. The amount

the site is out of level (which should be no more than 2 feet) will affect the number of cap

blocks required. Your sales consultant will give you an idea of the approximate number of cap

blocks you need.

◦ You will need to make sure that there are no obstructions such as tree limbs, electric lines,

fences etc in the delivery path. In addition you will need to keep in mind the path the truck will

take and make sure it will not travel over your septic system or other places that will not

support the weight of the truck.

So, there you have it. Everything, or most everything, you ever wanted to know about the process of purchasing a shed. Stay tuned for information on how the purchase process works for a carport or garage or barn. Thanks for stopping by. We love to see you on our site!


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