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Part 2 | The Perfect Tiny Home | Solar

Considering that units can be permanent homes, weekend getaways, rentals and more, the tiny house movement can benefit many people. The dwellings on foundations that Eagle Ridge offers are specifically made to be flexible so that the final project reflects the occupants. That attitude is important as the journey of building the ultimate tiny home continues.

When Mr. Malham decided to enter the tiny home market due to speculation. It was a result of customers asking for specific needs. As shown by the numerous designs his company now offers, he worked to provide buildings that reflect owners' lifestyles and potential locations, all while maintaining a high level of quality.

While Eagle Ridge designs the houses, they don't build them. Construction is done by Building Services of North Georgia, a licensed contractor and grading operation. The company provides all of the necessary services including getting permits, surveying land, clearing the site, installing septic systems and more. Once the site is established, they work on the foundation, build the structure and prepare all of the interior services, such as HVAC and wall finishes. They are also skilled at completing the final landscaping and incorporating any additional outdoor features.

This series is an effort to share the details of how each company helps facilitate making a better house. The goal is to create a unit that can be delivered by truck to a site, assembled with relatively minimal labor and quickly make an impact on people's lives.

American Solar and Alternative Energies 
Solar Power is often associated with green solutions and sustainable energy. That line of thought makes sense considering that the sun is a readily available resource that doesn't generate any pollutants. As an established approach to clean fuel, there are a number of well developed features in place such as battery storage for when power needs spike. At the same time, there are a lot of options for how to capture and convert the resource. American Solar and Alternative Energies (ASAE) joined the team to provide the best solution for the project.

Eagle Ridge has offered off-grid options for some time, so solar is a natural fit for this project. With decades of experience, ASAE's co-founders Peter Giroux and Richard Alme will handle the selection and integration of the solution. That doesn't only include specifying the panels, but also covers designing the mounts and ensuring that the installation meets all local and state codes.

The inclusion of this low cost energy source brings another advantage: Many states provide incentives to cover the investment in the equipment. As a result, homeowners in areas with the rebates could see the benefits for years to come.

As the push to house people in need continues, the team will bring more contributions to the table. American Solar and Alternative Energies brings expertise that will help keep housing costs down by changing the way many people think about power. Ultimately, all of the providers will work together to meet the goal of this unique effort.

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