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10 Things to Consider When Buying a Storage Shed

10 Things to Consider When Buying a Storage Shed

Are you renting or buying the place where you will put your shed?

Are your renting your place, do you think that means you cannot have a shed that is large enough to meet your needs? Not true. A factory built shed delivered on the back of a trailer is considered portable and can be moved from place to place. Many renters choose this type of shed and for a small fee the shed can be moved when the renter moves or purchases their own place. A shed is perfect for expanding space for a rental that is too small since building on to the structure is not an option.


There are many different styles of sheds available for purchase. If you need a shed for storage purposes a lofted barn gives you plenty of extra room for storage. Do you need a gardening shed? A utility shed with the peaked roof and extra windows will give your plants plenty of light and room to grow tall. Do you need to store your motorcycle and you need extra storage for other items? A lofted barn with a garage door will make it easy for you to get the cycle in and out while the lofts will provide storage that is out of your way. Storing lawn equipment? Our lockable metal sheds might just fit the bill. Stay tuned to our blog for more ideas for shed uses.

Your existing structures

Depending on the placement of your shed you may want it to match the existing structures. Many people with metal roofs will buy a shed with a matching color. Maybe shingles will suit your style better. Both options are available for no extra costs. For a rustic look you could choose a barn style with treated wood siding. For a more refined look the utility shed with an added window or two and a flower box will make your shed not only blend in with your landscaping but actually adding a pleasant element.For a small fee we can even paint the shed to match your existing buildings.


You will want to make sure your shed will be sturdy and last for years. Treated plywood floors or tongue and groove (T&G) flooring 5/8” thick are good options. For those choosing to install flooring in their shed the T&G option is especially good. There are two good options for siding, LP siding which has a 50 year manufacturers warranty against termites and fungal decay and T1-11 wood siding which has a lifetime manufacturers warranty for termites and fungal decay. You will want the walls and roof to have strong 2x4 support and if you will be insulating your walls you will want to upgrade to 16” on center wall studs.


It can be difficult sometimes to gauge the exact size you need. Some tips when trying to choose what size shed you need are to think of the items you will be bringing in and out of the shed and make sure the doors are wide enough and tall enough to accommodate them. If you will be storing things like riding mowers and ATV s make sure you have enough room around the vehicles to easily get on and off keeping in mind the additional items you might want to store on either side of the vehicle. Keep in mind also items that may need a taller building and make sure you purchase one to accommodate them too. Our Utility sheds have an option for 8' walls which will handle most any item you might want to store. When you shop for your shed and view the empty building you may want to choose a size larger than the one that feels big enough - remember an empty building is going to feel larger than one that already has items in it.

Finding a pretty level spot

You are in luck here. The sturdy skids that our buildings are built on can handle up to 2 foot out of level. You will need to have cap blocks ready for our drivers to use to make sure they leave you with a level building. You will want to consider water run off when choosing the site for your shed. If you are building the shed yourself or hiring a contractor to build one you will want to make sure the spot that the shed will be built on is level although it is possible for you or your contractor to adjust plans to accommodate an out of level spot.

Delivery of Factory Built Sheds

If you are considering purchasing a factory built shed you will want to make sure that the truck and trailer that the shed will be delivered on can access the area you want the shed placed. Our trucks have special delivery equipment that can be used to place a shed in a difficult spot and yet sometimes there are obstacles that even our special trucks can't work around. If you have a septic system you will want to make sure the truck can drive around it and that the shed will not set on top of it. Other obstacles to consider are electrical lines and tree branches. If these things are a problem you can always choose a site built shed. We offer built on site sheds and specialty builds so yes you can put your shed in just the right place no matter what your terrain is like.

Base considerations

We are often asked what kind of base is required under the shed. Our portable sheds can be placed on any surface, including the ground. Our 4x6 skids are pressure treated and lift the building up off the ground a bit but we also put one layer of cap blocks under them to keep your valuables up out of normal water run off. A build it yourself or contractor built shed may need a foundation such as a cement slab. You would need to consult with your contractor regarding what preparations they would require for a shed build.

Quality vs Cost

Budget is always an important consideration when purchasing anything and a shed is no different. However, as we find out over the years sometimes saving money now by purchasing a cheaper but not as well built item can cost more in the long run. We offer quality built sheds with a rent to own plan that has no prepayment penalty. Having the rent to own option can get you in a shed you need at the time you need it while also giving you the option to pay it off faster without penalty which will save you money.

Building Codes/HOA regulations

You will want to check your county/city regulations regarding sheds before deciding the type and size of shed you want to purchase. Factory built sheds, since they can be moved, are often classified as temporary and do not require any sort of permit however you will want to check with the particular regulations where you live.

Since we offer the option to paint the shed to match your existing buildings and other options that make the shed ascetically pleasing our sheds are generally acceptable to HOAs however, just as in building codes you will want to check with your particular HOA before selecting a shed option.


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